The Costello Difference.

We get you results. Just results.

Our firm has over two decades of experience that has given us unique perspectives and sharply honed skills. Our approach is highly effective and unmatched in style and execution.

What sets us apart:

Commitment to Excellence

  • We build strategic alliances with our clients and we are invested in our clients’ success.
  • We absorb the worry of business legal matters.
  • We believe in and practice the values of diversity and equality for our client, and our own, benefit.
  • We strategize with precision, treating your time and money as if it were our own.
  • We execute our plans and stand alongside you until the last bit of smoke clears.
  • We formulate a plan of attack, making sure it is clear and meticulously efficient.

Experience That Matters

  • We have worked in this field for decades to learn and hone the skills necessary to do a good job and give customer satisfaction under less-than-optimal circumstances.
  • We have a track record built over 21 years in the community.
  • We are battle tested and proven in the court room.
  • We work only with government investigators and attorneys—we are specialists, a dedicated strike force for your case.

A Different Model

  • We are small but have the infra-structure (business, practice, and operations) to handle large and complicated matters—enough big law to handle complex matters.
  • We deal fairly and openly with you and keep you apprised of and involved in everything going on in your case, while managing your concerns so you can concentrate on what you need to do.
  • We are different and we embrace that. We are boutique by design, specialized, focused, and strong for our clients.
  • We know what it is to be a business, so we know what is important to businesses.

In a legal

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