Chaos has a hidden order somewhere inside it. Our ability to find that order in times of legal crisis—swiftly, calmly, and confidently—is the product of collective experience in law and business. It is an ability we are proud to have mastered and one we are eager to share.

We give you:




At times of:




Our crisis management process is one we’ve perfected over decades managing legal difficulties of all shapes and sizes.

We have a concise, proven method that protects and guides our clients through legal crisis with speed, efficiency, grace, and confidence.
Our proven containment process frees our clients to focus their energies on managing their businesses and personal lives with minimal interruption.
We are a calming force in chaos and ever-vigilant stewards of our clients’ money.

First We:

Calm & Contain

Determine Desired Outcome

Set Goals

Then We:

Organize & Strategize

Develop Strategic Plan

Devise Project Plan

Finally We:

Respond & Resolve

Execute Plan

Deliver Results

In a legal

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