Discrete, Portable, and Agile

Costello Law Firm provides outside support to in-house counsel at Corporations when they need assistance overseeing internal investigations, external government investigations or assistance assessing and setting up internal compliance systems.

We represent corporate executives and employees during internal and government investigation and during government enforcement, civil and criminal actions.

Our corporate clients include:

  • In-house Counsel
  • Outside Counsel
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Boards of Directors

Corporations can face legal risk from internal external sources. Internally, corporate employees can raise legal claims against the company or alert the company to violations of the law or compliance issues relating to systems or employee actions. Also, shareholders and corporate boards can raise concerns. Externally, corporations face claims from former employees, venders, the public, politicians, and the government for issues like violations of government regulations or requirements, false claims, employment disputes, etc. security breaches of customer privacy.

Corporations need experienced attorneys who understand how government investigation and litigations work. Government investigations and litigation are unique areas of the law, civil litigation tactics not only do not work in this area of the law, but they can also make things worse. Corporations need a team of lawyers with experience working with the government to assist them.

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