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With over two decades of experience defending professionals during civil, regulatory, and licensing investigations and white-collar investigations, Costello Law Firm represents clients who have worked hard to achieve a professional license or accreditation.

We assist professionals to avoid adverse licensing and tax consequences and criminal referrals, investigations, and charges. An accusation in a civil or criminal can lead to referrals to professional licensing board, we work with our clients to eliminate, mitigate, and resolve potential professional repercussions.

Professionals spend their lives building their professional skills, businesses, and reputations. They have conducted themselves well but find themselves in an uncomfortable legal predicament and need a powerful, experienced, and intelligent advocate to defend them. An allegation can jeopardize decades of hard work and permanently damage reputations.

CLF works with all licensed professionals including medical, financial, legal, aviation. scientific, or technical professionals who require licenses or clearance credentials that are subject to oversight by a governing body of professionals or government authorities.

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