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Business owners need trusted, experienced, effective, and focused legal counsel when a government investigation or complex litigation matters arise. Business owners need counsel who understands business.

Business owners have put considerable time, energy, and money into building a successful business. As a small business, we understand all the pressures and the sacrifices–and our approach to our client’s legal matters reflects that.

In business there is a wide range of potential legal issues and liabilities from government entities and from private lawsuits.

If a business has employees, they must comply with the rules and regulations of multiple city, state, and federal agencies. Business owners need experienced attorneys who understand how government investigation and litigation works. Government investigations and litigation are unique areas of the law, civil litigation tactics not only do not work in this area of the law, but they can also make things worse. CLF has been working in this field of law for over two decades. We know how the system works, we know the professionals working in this space and we have helped many clients navigate the complicated and high-stake area of the law.

When facing a civil complaint, business needs a courtroom attorney to help them build a strong and powerful strategy. CLF has over two decades of trial and litigation experience. CLF builds a strong strategy from day one understanding the existential threat lawsuits can present to small businesses, who need to be focused on their business, customers, and teams. practice

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