Business Owners

Effective, Efficient and Intelligent

Business owners are professionals who put significant time, energy, and money into building a business and making it successful. As a small business, we understand all the pressures and the sacrifices that need to be made–and our approach reflects that.

Business owners need trusted, experienced, effective, and focused legal advice and counsel when White Collar, enforcement, or complex litigation matters arise. We assist our clients in avoiding adverse licensing and tax consequences and criminal referrals, investigations, and charges.

When they need our services

Business owners are susceptible to a wide range of potential legal issues and liabilities. If a business has employees, they must comply with the rules and regulations of multiple city, state, and federal agencies, including the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service. If a business is operating in a highly regulated field, they can also run afoul of the agencies that regulate their industry or the industries they need to contract with or provide services to.

Why they need counsel

Business owners need experienced, focused attorneys who know the process and the lay of the land. Government investigations and litigation are a species to themselves; civil litigation approaches do not work with government agencies. Just as you would want the cardiologist with the most experience in your operation to perform your surgery, business owners need the lawyers with the most experience in their issue to represent them in government proceedings.

In a legal crisis?

We’ve got you.