Complex Litigation

Concurrent/parallel proceedings and quasi-governmental private actions

Complex litigation is the process by which complex matters for damages between businesses or individuals are resolved. Such disputes can include securities litigation, tax issues, claims of fraud, intellectual property disputes, cybersecurity, and privacy breaches.

Focus Areas:

  • Concurrent/Parallel Proceedings
  • Private Actions for Violation of Government Statutes and Regulations

Concurrent/Parallel Proceedings

Concurrent and parallel proceedings occur when one act triggers or could trigger an investigation or litigation by multiple government agencies.

When they need our services

  • Medical practitioner responding to civil and administrative claims of malpractice.
  • Government contractor responding to criminal and administrative claims of embezzlement related to a federal contract.
  • Licensed professional responding to criminal allegations that may also lead to civil or administrative penalties.

Why they need counsel

These matters are very complex. Individuals in this situation need help understanding their rights and responsibilities to each agency, which are not uniform and can be at cross purposes with the rights and responsibilities required by another agency. Clients need the help of experienced counsel with the knowledge and skill to handle the complexities of managing the actions in tandem.


We have over two decades of experience working in this complex field of law. We handle these matters directly and we often team with civil counsel who do not have experience working managing concurrent matters or who lack experience working with government agencies.

Private Actions for Violation of Government Statutes and Regulations

Individuals can be subject to a private lawsuit for allegations that are or could also be the subject of government actions. These actions are sometimes referred to as quasi-governmental actions.

When they need our services

  • Received a civil complaint of Embezzlement
  • Received an administrative complaint for severe workplace violations.
  • Received notice of a complaint filed with the overseeing authority of a professional license.

Why they need counsel

Clients and counsel need the experience of counsel with experience in these matters to manage the complexities.  Whenever an individual brings a claim that invokes a potential criminal matter, litigation might lead to filing a criminal or government enforcement action. The opposite can also occur, as criminal and civil actions brought by the government can lead to litigation by individuals.


We have experience helping clients directly with these matters. We also work with civil counsel who do not have experience managing concurrent matters or government agency investigations and litigation.

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