About the Firm

Some of our pieces have become the sum of our pieces.

Over the course of decades working tirelessly in courtrooms at city, county, state, and federal levels, we’ve built a rock-solid foundation from our experience. We’ve learned exactly what works and have jettisoned every last piece of what hasn’t. As a result, we’ve become a deft and lean mix of legal experience, fearless advocacy, and human wisdom.


The best highlights are often written in the margins.

Being women-owned and LGBT certified, we know what it’s like to be marginalized and relegated to the edges of history’s hallowed law books. It’s why we’ve structured our workplace and hiring practices the way we have: to ensure that the same benefits of fairness and prosperity guaranteed to others by virtue of their skin color, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, or economic status are afforded not only to those we represent but to those who represent them. This spirit of inclusion, fairness, and decency has always been, and will always be, an essential part of our DNA. As a law firm, as a business, as human beings.

In a legal crisis?

We’ve got you.