Commercial Litigation.

Costello Law Firm assists small business owners in commercial litigations matters: employment, partner, contract, and intellectual property disputes.

Clients hire Costello Law Firm when they have a concern about legal compliance, have received an internal complaint, a demand or have been served with a lawsuit. Costello Law Firm believes the best result is to avoid the legal crisis altogether. Costello leverages its decades of experience to help clients avoid legal crises.

  • Building a strong legal infrastructure, risk management strategies and compliance systems
  • Early and effective engagement to legal concerns and problems
  • Effective dispute resolution strategies
  • Powerful litigation and court room advocacy and efficacy

We represent clients during government investigations. We defend clients who have been sued. We collaborate with clients as outside general counsel services to set up their legal infrastructure for growth, scaling and risk management.

Focus Areas:

  • Civil Enforcement Investigations and Actions
  • Administrative Investigations and Actions
  • Professional Licensing Investigations and Actions


Employers must comply with all federal, state and city rules in each area they do business. Employment laws are complicated and constantly changing. It is difficult to keep up and small business owners can easily find themselves at risk in this area. Employers can face government investigations into these issues and private causes of action from former employees or both, concurrently.

Business owners need strong counsel who can advocate and guide them through these stressful and costly investigation and litigation matters. CLF defends clients in employment matters including allegations law including wage and hour violations, safety, harassment, non-compete, trade secret, and violations of sick time and family leave. Leveraging its experience as courtroom attorneys and business experience to manage these disputes effectively and efficiently.

CLF law manages these matters directly and teams with larger firms as co-counsel in larger disputes


Business disputes can arise from partnership disputes, contract disputes with customers, shareholders or venders or intellectual property disputes with competitors.

Business owners need powerful and effective advocacy in these matters because they can be complicated and can pose a huge risk to the business. CLF understands the damage that litigation can do to a small business, so we engage immediately in powerful advocacy to defend the company and guide our clients to a strategy to protect the company and its people.

CLF law manages these matters directly and teams with larger firms as co-counsel in larger disputes.

Outside General Counsel

All businesses need a strong legal infrastructure to support growth in the business and avoid legal risk. Businesses need to have in place strong corporate governance documents, contracts, intellectual property protections and internal controls to ensure legal compliance.

Small business owners often start their businesses and jump right in because they love what they do. They often fail to create a strong enough legal infrastructure to support growth and mitigate risk. They often take a blue-sky approach to partnership and fail to create corporate, partnership agreement and operations foundation documents, contracts and intellectual property protection and internal controls to comply with industry rules and regulations. We encourage our clients to invest in the property infrastructure. standards. without the creating a strong enough legal infrastructure to

“Our business is in a highly regulated industry, and Kris proved to be capable and knowledgeable about the depth of legal requirements that we were facing. Costello Law Firm provided high quality legal services and represented our interests well. Her firm prepared our company for a successful DOL audit regarding trust accounting. We would highly recommend her to future clients.”

– Business Owner, Compliance and Employment

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