White Collar Defense

Government Investigation and Litigation

White Collar defense is the defense of individuals or businesses under government investigation or facing civil or criminal liability due to their actions. White Collar investigations or litigation can occur at the local, state, county, or federal level through dozens of different regulatory, investigative, or enforcement agencies. White Collar matters relate to a person’s profession, place of business, or financial interests.

Focus Areas:

  • Government Investigations
  • Grand Jury Investigations
  • Litigation and Trials

Government Investigations

Government investigations involve a city, county, state, or federal investigative agency taking actions to determine whether a violation has occurred and who was involved and attempting to obtain evidence pertaining to the allegations. They may target entire businesses, individuals, or groups of employees.

When they need our services:

  • Subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into allegations of securities fraud.
  • Subject of a Federal Bureau of Investigation  investigation into allegations of corporate fraud.
  • Employer in a Department of Labor investigation into a complaint of violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Why they need counsel:

Government investigations can have serious consequences for individuals, businesses, and their employees. They may lead to charges that can cause businesses to lose their right to contract with the government, or to operate in their entirety, or that may require them to comply with severe financial penalties. Individuals may also be subject to losing their freedom, property, and financial resources.  Investigations can be the precursor to an official criminal or regulatory matter, or they may take place in tandem with another investigation.

Why CLF:

We have extensive experience dealing with government investigations as they relate to individuals, businesses, and corporations. We understand how to help clients get themselves out of the crosshairs, reduce their potential liability and exposure, and negotiate more favorable resolutions, including global settlements ending parallel proceedings.

In addition, we understand how most clients facing such investigations feel: unsettled, unsure, and anxious. They are intimated both by the situation they find themselves in and by their own preconceived ideas of how the process and the system work. So we make it our mission to make them feel safe, heard, and empowered.

Grand Jury Investigations

A grand jury is a group of citizens empowered by law to conduct legal proceedings and investigate whether criminal charges should be brought. As part of their investigation, they have the authority to subpoena physical evidence and compel persons to testify. They review the evidence, deliberate, and decide whether the target should be criminally indicted.

When they need our services:

  • Subpoenaed to appear as a witness related to a Tax Fraud allegation.
  • Subpoenaed to produce documents and records related to a Corporate Embezzlement allegation.
  • Business partners subpoenaed to provide testimony related to a Trade Secrets allegation.

Why they need counsel:

The target of a grand jury investigation is usually on the precipice of a criminal indictment and the potential loss of freedom and financial interests that come with it. However, even those asked to appear before a grand jury as witnesses can give testimony or evidence that exposes them to subsequent criminal liability.

Why CLF:

We have significant experience with high stakes grand jury proceedings and help our clients understand the full scope of their rights and obligations. We can lessen our client’s burden by, for example, negotiating subpoenas with narrower scopes or more reasonable response times. If their testimony is needed, we know how to prepare our clients for the special demands related to appearing before a grand jury.

In addition, after decades of crisis management experience, we understand how most clients facing these proceedings feel: unsettled, unsure, anxious, and lost. They are intimated both by lawyers themselves and by their own preconceived ideas of how the profession, process, and system work. So we do not just listen to our clients, we hear their anxieties, their concerns, and their confusion. We see the forest of question marks hanging above their heads and we make it our mission to plow a clearing for them where they will feel safe, heard, and empowered.

Litigation and Trials

White Collar litigation and trials occur when a criminal allegation against an individual, business, or corporation is tried in court. At trial, government prosecutors must prove the allegations against the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. The scope and length of litigation varies by the complexity and seriousness of the underlying allegations and the number of defendants involved.

When they need our services:

  • Defendant in a municipal court matter regarding violations of local salary and wage laws.
  • Defendant in a state court matter regarding allegations of Money Laundering.
  • Defendant in federal court matter regarding allegations of Tax Fraud.

Why they need counsel:

Legal counsel is an absolute necessity and right whenever a defendant is the subject of litigation. If convicted, a defendant faces severe criminal consequences, including loss of freedom, forfeiture of assets, and financial penalties. The need for counsel is even more pronounced in White Collar matters, where the underlying complexity of the allegations, and their associated penalties, can be daunting. White Collar litigation and trials also involve unique legal and negotiation strategies that even seasoned attorneys inexperienced with this advanced niche of practice find insurmountable.

Why CLF:

Our attorneys are experienced White Collar trial practitioners and know how to execute a strong defense. This trial experience also strengthens our practice in all other phases of a case because we know how to build a winning case and can understand earlier when a client has good arguments against their legal liability. This direct experience can lead to a matter being resolved more quickly and cost effectively.

In addition, we understand what our clients are going through. We strategize with precision, treating their time and money as if it were our own. We formulate a plan of attack, making sure it is clear and meticulously efficient. Then we execute that plan, standing alongside them in the trenches until the last bit of smoke clears. And we get them results. Just results.

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